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Travel Information
Khazano.com provides travel & tour information to their users with all possible details like travel places, city information, city attractions with photo etc, available information are nearly correct but may be it has some typing errors or others which is regretted. Khazano.com is not liable for any direct, indirect or any damage or any other incidental whatsoever connected with its site.  Information given on the site are purely taken from the other travel informative website for india, if any one has any issue or wrong information used, please write us we will 100% respond for anything.

Khazano.com provides classified information which may be posted by its users or may be by webmaster. Classifieds which are posted by our users and which are active, mostly  they are verified by Khazano.com support team and posted by the webmaster are 100% verified, may be post from any other similar website, if any one has any issue with any classified post or anything please contact us, we will remove that post with immidiate effect.

India News
Khazano.com used RSS feeds from popular news site to display news with various categories, these news are pureply for the information purpose only we do not use for any other commercial use, if any news site has problem with this news information, please write to us, we will 100% remove those with immidiate effect.

Business Info
Khazano.com uses ready to use database from 3rd party vendor for its Business information and it is again purely information purpose only, all the business listed are free, if anyone has issue with any data or information given are wrongly mentioned or do not want to list their business with us, kindly contact us we will remove that or correct it with immidiate effect.

In General
All 3rd party information used by Khazano.com do not hold any reights to its information or anything, it is purely for information only, also all the copyright for the respected information or image or anything is purely by its owner, if any one has any problem with it please contact us.

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