Travel Guide for Bhuj - Gujarat
Bhuj is the heart town in Kachchh and also the district headquarters. Bhuj was founded in 1548 AD by Rao Khengarji of the Jadeja dynasty, which ruled over Kachchh for more than 400 years.
Bhuj is known by its beautiful Hindu temples, palaces and intricately carved wooden pavilions. It is a heaven for handicraft lovers. The houses here are decorated both from inside as well as outside with linear reliefs made from mud and mirrors. Bhuj is famous for embroidery. The oldest museum of Gujarat is situated in Bhuj.
bandhni (tie and dye) and batik textiles, or the intricate silk embroidery done on leather, each artifact is a labour of love for the craftspersons. The colorful thread embroidery on cloth is done by different castes and communities in their own distinct way. The region was also known for the enamel work done on gold and silver jewelry, lacquered wood, seashell toys and metal bells.
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